Elektra KB (Colombian, born in Odessa Ukraine)

Elektra KB, a Latin American futurist artist based in Brooklyn, New York, and Berlin. Their practice delves into speculative feminism, embracing alternative worlds, mythology, textiles, video, installation, and technology to explore utopian, dystopian realms, and documentary.

KB infuses elements of Luddism and play into their work, often with a therapeutic aim of transforming spaces marked by trauma. They re-imagine protest signs and repurpose architectural or everyday objects.

With a focus on the body through a "crip" perspective rooted in decolonial principles, Elektra KB navigates themes like power dynamics, the changing notion of the 'post-nuclear family,' migrations, and healing rituals.

Born from a journey shaped by disability, their work centers on "The Cathara Autonomous Territory," exploring the transformative power of play. KB's art addresses subjects such as illness, disability, migration, healing rituals, networks of care, gender violence, and power abuse from a global south decolonial perspective, blending investigative documentarian sensibilities with mythology.

Through site-specific installations and fiber works, they delve into themes like bodily autonomy, kinship, gender dynamics, mobility, and the nature of power, often incorporating protest signs as visual cues. Their art weaves together utopian ideals, political theory, and activism across various mediums.

Their work has been shown The Brooklyn Museum, The Museum of Modern Art Warsaw, The Madre Museum, The Budapest Art Gallery, and The Museum of Modern Art in Bogotá.
Additionally, their work has received critical acclaim in publications such as Artforum, Artnews, Artsy, Bomb, The Guardian, Hyperallergic, and The New York Times. Their creations hold permanent positions in the public collections of institutions including Yinchuan Moca, Fondation Salomon, and Moma Warsaw.



• Disability Access Rider

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