Elektra KB is a Latin American artist from Colombia (of Ukrainian and rural mestizo descent.) Based between New York and Berlin. NY. Their work primarily with fiber and textiles, video, technology, photography, and the materialization of radical politics and social justice into history. Dealing with disability, led Elektra to start working with fiber, as the intimate nature, lightness and body movements the medium necessitated made it, the only medium that synchronized with their body and with periods of working from bed. Their works deals with a parallel universe (The Cathara Autonomous Territory), ludisme, and the transformative power of play. To counteract traumatic political events, situations symbols and spaces, into utopian realms to reflect on subjects such as: illness and disability, migration, healing rituals, networks of care, gender violence and dynamics of abuse of power from a global south decolonial perspective. Stemming from an investigative documentarian and mythological approach.

KB’s site-specific installations and fiber works deal with: bodily autonomy, kinship, gender, mobility, immigration, the nature of power, authority and its antagonists. From the prison industrial complex to authority symbols –such as the immigration checkpoint—, adding protest signs as responses and visual cues of shifting power. Exploring the meanings and relationships of the concept of power and how it manifests today in society.

Their work ties utopism, political theory, art and activism through a variety of mediums.

Their works are held in the collections of the Yinchuan Moca, China and the Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw. Their work has been written about in: ArtNews, Art Forum, The Guardian, The independent, The New York Times and Bomb magazine among others. Their works have been shown in the Brooklyn Museum (New York), the Museo Madre (Italy), the Museum of Modern Art (Bogotá), the Budapest Gallery (Budapest History Museum) and forthcoming the Americas Society (New York).



• Disability Access Rider

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