Description: Stateless and genderless passport.

Medium: Letter press and gold foil printed on paper, stamp and ink pad.

Body Of Work: CAT - Cathara Autonomous Territory


(Site specific installation) / New York City / March 6 - 12, 2018

Due to the rise of systems of oppression via the nation state, the rebels of the Theocratic Republic of Gaia --the Catharas-- have created the Stateless Autonomous passport. With this document you renounce to any involuntary forced common identity imparted because of the nation state and commit to the erasure of imaginary lines forced upon humans in the world; through blood, war and genocide.

When you sign the Cathara Autonomous Territory passport, you declare yourself stateless. You abandon your alliance to: nation borders and gender borders, chauvinism, patriotism, and fascism. You declare that these concepts don’t define the true existence of the individual and are not a marker for human value.

You are choosing to become a de facto global citizen by your own personal authority with the support of the Cathara Autonomous Territory as issuing source.

Be aware of other stateless citizens holders of the CAT passport, we are everywhere.

You are here therefore, liberated and are the sole ruler of your body in space.

—Photo credits: Daily Beast, Valeria Castro, Nico Roxe, Atomic Culture
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