Medium: Works on paper and mixed media artist’s book.
Year: 2013

 Gaia Gallery - Istanbul, Turkey // January 21 to March 5 - 2016 / Exhibition link:
 Ethan Cohen Gallery // FIRST WE TAKE MANHATTAN / New York City / May 5th - June 20th, 2016 / Exhibition link:

The Theocratic Republic of GaiaThe Theocratic Republic Of Gaia is a world living a period of imminent intense geological and social upheaval during which tensions built up over centuries will be discharged.

It is populated by colonized Trogians living under the supreme ruler: the White Papess II, her army: The Beings and the heretic Cathara Insurgent Women who lead the resistance and uprising of T.R.O.G.

Trogians live as machines in a massive staged fantasy. They are constantly looking for Tetrapharmakos (the essence of pleasure and happiness) and they live at the mercy of a world fascist empire lead by the White Papess II and the T.R.O.G.’s army, the Beings.

Trogians, hypnotized have forgotten what reality is and live at the mercy of unintelligible dogmas and blindly follow a cult of abstract humanoids and objects.

The Catharas are dancing warriors, which lead the uprising of the Magical – Insurgent-Spirits that populate the Aztec territory of T.R.O.G and lead a mystical battle of resistance to the light ray weapons of the beings.

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