The Cathara Insurgents vs The Theocratic Republic Of Gaia Beings

Sargents Daughters Gallery (Formerly know as Allegra LaViola Gallery) - New York City ░ May 29 - June 22, 2013

Title: The Cathara Insurgents vs The Theocratic Republic Of Gaia Beings
Medium: Mixed media
Year: 2012

The Theocratic Republic of Gaia was discovered early as a safe space where one can express openly without the censorship of the oppressive political apparatus. It is a world inside the world, and it is a real world where we can run freely.

The Theocratic Republic Of Gaia, works as a critique against our contemporary status quo. A mythological world I discovered, where human beings live as machines at the mercy of a world fascist empire lead by the II Papess and the ultradisciplined T.R.O.G. army; the Beings. The citizens of T.R.O.G, hypnotized, have forgotten what reality is and live at the mercy of unintelligible dogmas. The resistance and uprising is lead by the spirit Cathara Insurgent Women.

Heretic movements, such as the Cathars, became the first “proletarian international” in history where women played an important role.4 Indigenous women in America had a powerful position in society before the Spanish Conquest, and they were the instigators of anti-colonial revolt. The colonization of America by the Spaniards brought the demonization of women, a practice akin to the witch-hunts in Europe.

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