Medium: 23 pages, fabric and mixed media artist’s book.
Year: 2013

 BravinLee Programs // New York City / May 22 - July 19, 2013
 SPRINGBREAK Art Show 2015 // Curated by Arielle de Saint Phalle and Michael Valinsky / New York City / March 3 - 8, 2015

The cloth book of the Cathara Insurgent Women is a window that opens in to the rebels of the Theocratic Republic of Gaia, employing the artist’s own mythological imagery and that which parallel ‘s to humanity’s quest for liberation connate to a mix-tape historical survey oriented to Decolonization. Using photographs that are stitched in to fabric, felt, embroidery and printmaking techniques, the show includes, photography and works on paper as well as works on fabric.

The artist introduces us to characters that populate the Theocratic Republic of Gaia world such as: the Beings and the White Papess as well as the Cathara insurgent women.

The cloth book employs black shadows akin to a redacted text that suggests what has been repressed. The desire for disintegration and political discourse of Decolonization fuse in the shadow. The work develops in an autobiographical manner, which co-exists with political narrative. Elements such as the veil –a constant for women in the semiotic vocabulary in most civilizations- and the balaclava, inform a hiding, while the abject image of vomiting threads refers to a process of catharsis.

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