Unperceivable By Biotypical

Mediums: 1920 x1080 pixels, single-channel QuickTime video

Year: 2020


▷▷▷ JANUARY 21, 2021 / @ nmenos1.xyz  / Colombia

Unperceivable By Biotypical

Rotoscoping is achieved by two methods, rear projection and front surface projection
But, we are mere projections
We are rotoscopes in space

is made by artificial intelligence entities

A cathara dancing magic warrior

Beyonce’s Single Lady is playing
in a parallel realm

They are deaf, from birth

Neither male nor female
Just a body
With healing power
dancing to the music of ether

What is sound? but a vibration inside our souls
Climbing in a ladder to the other world

What is dancing? but the gravity relation that pulls us to other atoms in planet earth

Only existing, because they recognize each other
With no certainty of space and time
Just the images in front of us
Like a movie from our dreams

This Cathara dances to a sound
Unperceivable by biotypical ears

In a world of technocapitalist ruins
They build,
from the ashes
And travel between bodies
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